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East End Apartments - Block A



The client had secured electrical and data work for the full site, but was struggling to deliver all of the work packages. We subcontracted 200 apartments, with 105 migrated from another contractor the client had become unhappy with, to complete the interior fitouts. 

A fast paced project, we had to be efficient and timely in delivering our scope.


We took about half of the overall project through the client directly (not going through subcontractors) through to completion, including installing lighting, power, TV and data. 

With 105 apartments across 13 levels, multiple different trades to coordinate with, changes to design during construction, we were still able to complete all work to deadline. Our ability to always complete our work with a high quality finish aligned with East End Apartment’s own high end vision they had marketed to buyers.

This project was our first time completing apartment blocks, so we streamlined our teams to focus on specific tasks to ensure that we delivered a consistent product. 


The client was relieved that we could deliver this work on their behalf.

We completed in room checklists to ensure that quality was maintained, we had no unforeseen defects to re-work due to this. 

We are currently working directly with the client to negotiate on future projects.