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Grain Corp Carrington - Fibre Optic Network & PLC

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As a first time client for us, Grain Corp Carrington needed a robust fibre optic network to replace their ageing, out of date existing one. It needed to span the entire site at multiple locations, and future proof their network so they had spare capacity for future works. We are also in the process of upgrading their existing PLC equipment which is the brains of the processing plant. It is a ring network, utilising the fibre ring we have installed, to tie the logic of the whole site together. It involves detailed audits, installation of significant equipment and a series of scheduled changeovers, whilst keeping the existing plant fully operational. 

We were also tasked with mechanically protecting the fibre infrastructure from any harsh elements or environments.


We employed a fully mechanically protected conduit system for all cable runs at approximately 2.5km in length. With the PLC changeover, multiple different ageing systems are being tied together in one uniform system. This involves full site audits, modification to existing wiring systems, backbone reticulation/networking, pre manufactured (offsite) solutions that ensure that when the changeovers occur there is minimal downtime to the plant. 


The client was really happy with the quality and efficiency of the installation. They congratulated us in person and via email upon completion of the project. 

On an internal level, installing a new Schneider PLC system for the first time expanded our own knowledge of PLC systems significantly.